Restaurant Management System

Restaurant Management System

Yewtec Restaurant Management System is multi-site solution for Restaurant Chains, Cafe, Fast Food Chains, Fine Dining Restaurants. Restaurant POS software consist all the features that you need to manage the activities of your restaurants at your fingertips. GST Invoicing is easy with Restaurant Management System. These Restaurant POS solution benefits to speed up operational efficiency and services. Our POS can be tailored as per your business needs. Whether you are running Cafe, Restaurants, Fast Food Chains, Fine Dining , Pub or Bar , Yewtec Restaurant POS can be customized as per business need.

Restaurant Management System offers

Table Reservation

Restaurant Management System Make the reservation process easy and quickly. Spare your customers the long wait and offer the option to reserve a table in advance. Use the interactive table selection module of the RMS to easily allocate tables and send instant booking confirmation to customers via email or text.

  • Reservation System Setup
  • Online Reservation Platform
  • Reservation Entry
  • Table availability check 
  • Confirmation and alerts

Order Processing

Deliver your order faster than before. Staff can track and update the status of each order with the click of a button. Delivery and kitchen staff can fulfill orders faster without having to go front and back of the house. Here is key feature include in order Processing:

  • Order Entry 
  • Order Customization
  • KOT Print Kitchen Wise
  • Pending KOT Printing
  • Kitchen Queue
  • Order Processing

Inventory Management

We also offer services of capture the goods and services you offer and quickly add them to your Stock. Keep track of inventory levels at all times. Set reorders point and replenish stock when it gets low. Organize your inventory with vital information like SKU, cost, and stock on hand.

  • Stock Ledger 
  • Stock List
  • Stock Flow
  • Stock level Maintenance and alerts
  • Cost Analysis Day Book

KOT - Kitchen Order Ticket

A Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT) is a document used in restaurants to convey customer orders to the kitchen staff for preparation. It is a crucial part of the order processing workflow in a Restaurant Management System. Here’s an overview of how KOTs work in an RMS:

    • Order Placement
    • KOT Generation
    • KOT Transmission to Kitchen
    • Order Prioritization
    • Order History

    Mobile Application

    A mobile application for a Restaurant Management System (RMS) can significantly enhance the efficiency and flexibility of managing restaurant operations. Here are key features and functionalities that are commonly included in mobile apps for restaurant management:

    • Order Management 
    • Table Management 
    • Menu Display and Customization
    • Billing and Payment
    • Staff Management

    Mobile Order Processing

    Mobile order processing is a crucial aspect of a Restaurant Management System (RMS) that allows staff to efficiently manage customer orders using mobile devices. Here’s a breakdown of the key features and functionalities involved in mobile order processing for a restaurant System:

      • Order Taking
      • Table Management 
      • Menu Display
      • Order Modification
      • communication with kitchen

      Captain Mobile App

      We also offer services of Captain Ordering Mobile App allows you to take customer orders faster, give food recommendations, print KOTs, initiate bill payment.Enhance the dine-in experience by allowing your Captain to take orders directly at the table and get food ready alerts from the kitchen to the Captain App.

      • Built-in- CRM
      • On the Spot Orders
      • Order Management
      • Work Online
      • Priority make option for KOTs

      Receipt Management

      Receipt management in a restaurant management system involves handling and organizing transaction and order receipts efficiently. Here are key features and functionalities that are typically associated with receipt management system:

      • Automated Printing

      • Order Receipt

      • Kitchen Order Ticket
      • Digital Receipt
      • Payment Receipt

      SMS Facilities

      Integrating SMS (Short Message Service) functionality into a restaurant management system can enhance communication with customers, staff, and other stakeholders. Also user can track the order related information using SMS facility Here are some ways SMS functionality might be utilized in a restaurant management system:

      • Order Confirmation
      • Confirm Table reservation
      • Order Ready Notification
      • Order Reminder
      • Payment Confirmation
      • Order Tracking

      Payment Support

      Payment support in a restaurant management system involves facilitating various payment methods Like Cash, Credit Card, UPI for customer transactions. Here are common features and functionalities associated with payment support system:

      • Point of Sale Integration
      • Multiple Payment Methods
      • Online Payment Method
      • Digital Receipt
      • Secure Transaction

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Yewtec Restaurant Management System is multi-site solution for Restaurant Chains, Cafe, Fast Food Chains, Fine Dining Restaurants.Restaurant POS software consist all the features that you need to manage the activities of your restaurants at your fingertips.

      Restuarant Management software should be integrated with business. Your software solution will often times offer a simple link for download and require a few simple steps for set up. Your system should offer one, simple to use dashboard where you can take minimal time to learn and understand the system.

      The Restaurant Management  System supports various types of order enabling restaurants to manage dine-in, takeout, and delivery orders processing, table reservation, payment supports seamlessly.

      Yes, Restaurant Management System offer online capabilities allowing to customer place the online order through the Restaurant website or mobile application.

      Restaurant management system support multiple payment modes including cash, credit cards, mobile payments, and other popular payment options.

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